August 17 Book Club

On August 17 the Riverton Area Book Club will discuss Sally Field's memoir In Pieces, which was published in 2018.  With honesty and vulnerability Field writes about her childhood abuse and loneliness and how they caused her to "divide herself into pieces to survive" (NPR interview). Becoming an actress and finding her voice became her salvation. This book is an intimate look at a woman's journey of discovery and acceptance, particularly poignant in view of the #MeToo movement.


Sally Field, now 72, has played a range of versatile characters, beginning with Gidget in the 1960s, Norma Rae in the 1970s, Mrs. Doubtfire and Mrs. Gump in 1990s, and in 2012 Mary Todd Lincoln. She is an advocate for women's rights and gay rights.


The Riverton Area Book Club meets at the Riverton Library from 10-11 am the third Saturday of each month (except December). Please contact the librarians for additional info (217-629-6353).