Book Club

Hi, Readers!On November 18 the group will discuss Lincoln in the Bardo,  a 2017 experimental novel by American writer George Saunders.  Saunders explores the grief of Abraham Lincoln on the death of his son Willie and sets the scene in the bardo, a Tibetan term used to describe the Buddhist intermediate  space between life and reincarnation.Saunders graduated from high school in Oak Forest, IL, and received a BS in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines  in 1981. He has been known for his short stories and essays. Saunders did extensive research on Lincoln and the Civil War to write this book.The library has ordered books/audio for book club members. If you have questions about your copy please call the library at 217-629-6353.See you next month!
Pamm**************For those of you audio listeners:
Lincoln and the Bardo has a stylistic nuance which may make it hard to listen to on audio. Some chapters include quotes/references from other books; some chapters are short conversations followed by an identifying name, such as Hans Vollman or Roger Blevins who I think are persons residing in the bardo and talking among themselves.
I read somewhere that there are about 167 voices in this book so it might be confusing to listen to.
I recommend taking a moment to look at a print copy of the book just to have some idea how the book is constructed. I have just started reading the book so I don't know what else there is about which to warn you!
Experience the bardo for a Happy Halloween!