Book Club - April 20th

On April 20 the Riverton Area Book Club will look into the creative mind of Charles Dickens as he struggled with overcoming writer's block. In her debut novel Mr. Dickens and His Carol, author Samantha Silva uses humor, imagination, and historical detail to create a story about Dickens and the muse he needed when he was almost bankrupt and his publishers were demanding a new literary work. (For those of you who saw the 2017 movie "The Man Who Invented Christmas" this will be a familiar topic.) .

According to Silva, Dickens takes to the London streets at night where he meets the mysterious Eleanor Lovejoy and her son Timothy and begins a Scrooge-like, ghostly journey testing the bounds of generosity, friendship, and ambition. The result of these wanderings was the holiday classic A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas.  It was published December 19,1843, and sold out by Christmas Eve, thus ensuring the Dickens family some needed income.

Books and audio will be ordered for readers by the Riverton Library. Please contact the librarian at 217-629-6353 if you need help ordering or if you have any questions. The book club meets at the Library from 10-11 am the third Saturday of every month (except December) and is open to all those interested.