Cards for Kids

The Riverton Village Library is participating in the Cards for Kids program.  All students enrolled in the Riverton School District are entitled to a libray card at no cost.  Contact the library for full details.

October Book Club

The Riverton Area Book Club's next meeting features author Stephen King, master storyteller of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime, and supernatural fiction. On Saturday, October 9, the group will discuss the 146 page, 2018 novel Elevation.  How does the story of the man who keeps losing weight despite how much he eats and the two women who are being shunned by the community for being married evolve into a place of common ground?

Book Club - Saturday, July 17

Back to the third Saturday of the month, July 17 is the next book club meeting. The group will talk about Sold on a Monday, by Kristina McMorris and published in 2018.  McMorris was inspired to write this book after seeing a 1948 photo of children offered up for sale and reading a followup article. In her historical fiction, a reporter in 1931 snaps a similar photo, not intended for publication but which becomes a news item with devastating consequences.The book club meets from 10-11am in the community room of the Riverton Municipal Building.

Book Club - June 26

The June 26 book selected for the book club is Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan. Tan recently appeared in a film, "Unintended Memoir," (PBS) about her life and career, including personal photos, home movies, animation, and interviews. Many of her writings were inspired by Tan's experiences; this novel, her sixth work, is about a group of American tourists who travel to China and Burma. We celebrate author Amy Tan in May, which is Asian American/Pacific Island Heritage month. 


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