Book Club - Jan 18, 2020

The Riverton Area Book Club is meeting Jan 18, 2020, at the Riverton Village Library (10-11 am) to discuss What She Knew, by Gilly Macmillan. Eight-year-old Ben completely disappears on a walk in the park with his mother Rachel. What follows is a description of the desperate attempts by the police to find him, the fickle role of the media, and surprising reactions from family members all rolled into a page-turning psychological thriller.


In March the book club will have been meeting for 12 years! (The first book discussed was Barak Obama's Dreams of My Father.) Since then this informal group has read a variety of books--mystery, history, biography, fiction--in various formats (such as print books, audiobooks, film versions). The library staff assists the group with titles for discussion and orders books/audio for everyone through library loan.


Book clubs expand reading horizons. Consider attending the one in Riverton!

Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month (except December), from 10-11am, at the Riverton Village Library.  For more information call 217-629-6353.