Book Club - March 21

In March of 2007 the Riverton Area Book Club met for the first time to discuss Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father.  This March, 13 years later, the group takes a look at another Obama book: Becoming, by Michelle Obama.  During the intervening years the book club has chosen books of all genres: history, fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, ranging from comfortable classics and  summer romances to psychological thrillers and science fiction. Often books that are difficult or unlikable result in the most lively conversations.


Michelle’s memoir covers her personal challenges growing up on the South Side of Chicago, attending college, working at a law firm, and living in the White House as First Lady. Since last March this popular book has sold 10 million copies and was the best seller in the US in 2018 when it was published. It was an Oprah Winfrey Book Club pick.


Meetings are held at the Riverton Village Library from 10-11am, the third Saturday of every month (except December).  Formats include print editions, audiobooks, occasionally ebooks, and film versions when applicable. For further information contact the Library at 217-629-6353.