Book Club - November 16 and January 20th

The Riverton Area Book Club will meet Saturday, November 16, to discuss Restart, by Gordon Korman, the bestselling author of The 39 Clues and Swindle series for teens. This novel was chosen to bring adult awareness to the topic of school bullying, a topic highlighted in October (Bullying Prevention Month). Chase Ambrose wakes up with amnesia after suffering from a head injury due to a fall.  He doesn't remember anything about his life, particularly what a bullying person he was as a sports standout in high school. Now he has a chance to change that description. Will he become a better person or not?


After November the next book club meeting will be January 20, 2020. This will allow extra time to read the 400-page book, What She Knew, by Gilly MacMillan. MacMillan's psychological thriller is about a young mother who must confront the worst of nightmares as she deals with the vanishing of her son.


The book club welcomes all interested persons!  It meets from 10-11 am on the third Saturday of every month (except December); location is the Riverton Village Library. Books can be ordered in print and audio formats and sometimes on film. For further information contact the librarians at 217-629-6353.