Book Club - May 20th

On Saturday, May 20, the Riverton Area Book Club will meet to discuss The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, by Robert Dugoni, published in 2018. This novel introduces the reader to the condition called ocular albinism, or red eyes, which the character Sam Hill is born with in 1957. And because of the grief Sam goes through in his life he gave himself the name Sam Hell. Dugoni felt compelled to write this story because he had a brother with Down syndrome who experienced discrimination growing up.

Book Club - April 15

The Riverton Area Book Club will be discussing One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle on Saturday,  April 15, 10-11am, at the Riverton Library.  Published about a year ago, this novel is a love story between a daughter and her mother and as the title suggests, it happens in Italy. Serle's descriptions of Positano on the Amalfi coast make the reader feel that they are right there with the characters. But one character is missing: the mother, Carol Silver.

Book Club - March 18th

On Saturday, March 18, from 10-11 am, the Riverton Area Book Club will read the historical fiction titled Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict. As the wife of British prime minister Winston Churchill, Lady Clementine (pronounced Clemen -teen) narrates her own strong opinions, her ardent support of her husband, and her social and political activities during pre- and post- world wars. Through her we also learn more about the Churchills' family and personal lives.  Marie Benedict, an experienced lawyer, specializes in telling the untold stories of women in history.

Book Club - Saturday, February 18

On Saturday, February 18, the Riverton Area Book Club will be discussing The Book Woman's Daughter, by Kim Michele Richardson, a sequel to The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.  This new book, published in 2022, covers Honey Marie-Angeline Lovett--and mule Junie--as they navigate dangers in the hollers of Kentucky where racism and violence is rampant. She takes on the role of her mother, Cussy Mary, the blue-skinned packhorse librarian. Blue skin, or methemoglobinemia, is a rare genetic mutation in the body's hemoglobin.

Book Club - Jan. 21, 2023

On Saturday, January 21, the Riverton Area Book Club's book selection highlights the horrific practice of committing women to an insane asylum when they prove too "troublesome."  Kate Moore, author of "The Radium Girls," tells the story of Elizabeth Packard in the book "The Woman They Could Not Silence: One Woman, Her Incredible Fight for Freedom, and the Men Who Tried to Make Her Disappear."  This story hits close to home.  Moore's investigation into this issue centers on the Illinois State Hospital for the Insane in Jacksonville under the direction of Dr.


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