Book Club - February 16th

On February 16 the Riverton Area Book Club will meet to discuss Charlotte's Web.  This children's story, which is also enjoyed by adults, was written by American author E.B. White in 1952 and is the story of Wilbur (a pig) and a barnyard spider named Charlotte. Various themes are presented in this book such as life and death, innocence, and growing up.


The book club meets from 10am to 11am at the Riverton Village Library. Some books have been ordered through interlibrary loan. If you need a copy please contact the library at 217-629-6353.


January Book Club - January 19th

Hope the weather cooperates for book club this Saturday, Jan 19.
The Riverton Area Book Club is meeting to discuss Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, a book about 4 women living during the Civil War.
Location: Riverton Village Library, 1200 E. Riverton RoadTime: 10:00 - 11:00 am
Everyone is welcome to attend, even if you have not read or finished the book. We will select our February book. What do you want to read more of: Romance? Mystery?
Thriller? Biography? Send me your suggestions if you cannot make the meeting!

January 19th Book Club

The Riverton Area Book Club continues to select books which focus on little known women in history. Using primary sources and interviews with descendants, author Karen Abbott recounts the true story of four women who became spies during the Civil War in the book Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War.  The four spies are Belle Boyd, a socialite; Emma Edmonds, a farm girl; Elizabeth Van Lew, an abolitionist; and Rose O'Neale Greenhow, a widow.  These women represent both Union and Confederate sides and are surrounded by real-li

November 17 th book Club - Small Great Things

November 17 is the date for the next meeting of the Riverton Area Book Club. The group, which meets from 10-11am at the Riverton Village Library, will discuss the 2016 novel Small Great Things, by Jodi Picoult.Picoult is known for tackling tough issues and this story is no exception. Ruth, a labor and delivery nurse (and African American), is assigned to white supremacists who forbid her to touch their baby.

Book Club - October 20th

The October 20th meeting of the Riverton Area Book Club delves into "the dark story of America's shining women" in Kate Moore's book, The Radium Girls.  The "shining women" suffered from the "glow" of poisoning as they painted watch hands and numbers to shine in the dark. Not surprisingly, this led to tragic and horrific deaths. The book chronicles their legal struggles for acknowledgement of wrong-doing and compensation, in particular against the Radiant Dial Company located in Ottawa, Illinois. Ms. Moore used the LaSalle County Historical Museum for much of her research.


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