Book Club News - January 20, 2018

Hi, Readers,The selection for the next book club meeting on January 20, 2018, is Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. Most of the members in attendance at the November meeting were not impressed with Lincoln and the Bardo and took issue with its style and content. However, for those reasons we had an animated and rousing discussion! It definitely is an interesting book with its innovative (aggravating?) style and unusual topic.Happy Thanksgiving to all!Pamm

Book Club

Hi, Readers!On November 18 the group will discuss Lincoln in the Bardo,  a 2017 experimental novel by American writer George Saunders.  Saunders explores the grief of Abraham Lincoln on the death of his son Willie and sets the scene in the bardo, a Tibetan term used to describe the Buddhist intermediate  space between life and reincarnation.Saunders graduated from high school in Oak Forest, IL, and received a BS in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines  in 1981. He has been known for his short stories and essays.

September Book Club News

The Riverton Area Book Club will discuss The Martian, by Andy Weir on Sept. 16, 10 am, at the Riverton Village Library.  This book, published in 2011, tells the story of Mark Watney, stranded on Mars in the year 2035 when his mission crew return to earth without him.

A movie adaptation was released in 2015 starring Matt Damon.

The author, son of a particle physicist, has a computer science background and self published the first edition. After the book became popular on Amazon, Crown Publishers picked it up.

Friend Of the Library

The last Friend's meeting got the planning for this year started!  We are planning for the Leave Your Legacy Writing Workshop with author Ken Mitchell.   We hope for a date in October. Flyers are in the Library.  Participation in Trunk-R-Treat is also being planned.  We will be handing out candy and Library information. 

Our next meeting will be October 4th.  We meet at the Library at 6:30.  The topic will be planning for Trivia Night.  All are welcom to join us!


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