Book Club - July 20th

The July 20th meeting of the book club presents a legal thriller with its selection of The Rooster Bar by John Grisham. Do Mark, Todd, and Zola remain their last year in law school to achieve degrees or do they expose the shady dealings of the school's New York hedge-fund operator? And what happens to the thousands of dollars in debt they have incurred?  This novel, published in 2017, promises to be an exciting read. John Grisham is a well-known writer, attorney, activist, and politician who has written over 31 novels.

Book Club - June 15th

This Saturday, June 15, the Riverton Area Book Club will discuss Wild Bird, the young adult novel about Wren and her journey to understanding more about herself. She is given the name Wild Bird at the survivalist camp in Utah where she is sent by her parents to deal with anger issues.  I found the book very enlightening from a parent's perspective about how an angry child develops and looks at life.


We meet from 10 to 11am at the Riverton Area Library. Hope to see everyone!

Book Club - June 15th

The Riverton Area Book Club is introducing some changes to be made in the selection of monthly books. Based on their knowledge of current reading trends and local interests, Library staff members are going to join in the group's decision-making by recommending books of merit. The library staff will continue to assist in determining availability and formats and arranging for interlibrary loan copies.

Book Club - May 18

The May 18 meeting of the Riverton Area Book Club will discuss Lilac Girls, by Martha Hall Kelly.
This historical fiction brings attention to the horrific practice of the Nazis to experiment on Polish women who were political prisoners in Ravensbruck, the major female-only concentration camp in Germany. Kelly makes the real-life New York socialite Caroline Ferriday her main character and adds to the story the lives of a young Polish girl who is a resistance fighter and Herta,a German woman doctor.

Book Club - Saturday, April 20 - 10:00am

This Saturday we turn back the calendar to 1843 to experience London in December with Charles Dickens struggling to come up with a book to satisfy his publishers and reading audience. And before the warm weather is here to stay we are asked to feel snowflakes on our faces once again as we consider Samantha Silva's touching tale about the creative process behind A Christmas Carol.



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